Vegetable Derived Glycerin

Ever heard of glycerin?


Diglycerides, Monoglycerides, Polyglycerol, Propylene glycol

Glycerin is in chewing gum.

Glycerin is a bi-product of soap. Most soaps are made using animal fat. This makes glycerin an animal bi-product. Glycerin does naturally occur in plants; unfortunately what is used in our food and soaps is glycerin originating from animal fat.

Keep chewing!

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Beware you can find glycerin, also known as Glycerides, Glycerin, Glycerol, Glyceryls, Glycreth26, Diglycerides, Monoglycerides, Polyglycerol, Propylene glycol, in cosmetics, nail polish, mouthwashes, chewing gum, toothpastes, chocolate bars, cereal, bread, soaps, ointments, and medicines.

Alternatives: Vegetable glycerin (byproduct of vegetable oil soap).  It is listed in the ingredients as Vegetable Glycerin (eg. Trident Gum).



4 thoughts on “Glycerine

  1. inspiredbylemuel

    Give thanks for this post Empress. It is crucial for us to stay away from most products sold in a box because somewhere in there are animal products. Give thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  2. Just Asking

    Any Health issues or concerns in ingesting “glycerin” of any origin?

    • Everyone has their theories about health issues. This certain food causes cancer or Alzheimer’s and this other food is a cure that ends up later being a cause but personally in think anything chemical or processed causes health issues. Have you ever questioned why we live so short now? History shows people who lived 900 years without injections and eating from the earth no processing. For me I like to eat food that is as close to the earth as possible because I think disease comes from the processing and chemical. I can’t say that I can eat like this every time because I live in a winter country where everything including fresh food has been processed with chemical. But I do try my best with prepackaged food when I buy it. And so glycerin especially for a vegetarian is an ingredient that should be avoided. Much love and health

  3. Ben

    “History shows people who lived 900 years”

    Citation please

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