TAMBI – Sweet Cardamom Pasta

TAMBI – Sweet Cardamom Pasta


10 spagettini nests

1/4 cup sugar

3 Tbsp oil

1/8 tsp ground cardamom


Spagettini Nest

Boil spagettini nests for 8 minutes.

Be careful not to over boil

After about 2 minutees of boiling start “unwind” nests.  Use a fork to stir and separate nests, to make sure there isn’t any small clumps of pasta.

Separate nests

Drain and return pot to the burner.  Add oil, sugar and cardamom.  Turn down heat to low.

Turn to low

Add drained pasta.

add pasta

Mix together and cover on low for 10 minutes.

Cover for 10 minutes

Give thanks let’s eat!

Give thanks let’s eat!
Serving Size:
3 adults
Preparation Time:
20 min

2 thoughts on “TAMBI – Sweet Cardamom Pasta

  1. cooktocure

    What a lovely idea!! We use cardamom in rice dishes and in spice tea, have not thought of it as a seasoning for pasta. Thank you.
    Cheers! ~ Hoda

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