Toothpaste – JASON TOOTHPASTE – Another Vegan Product that I Love


** I am only speaking about the paste not the gel

JASON Toothpaste

Another product that always bothers me is toothpaste.  It contains many ingredients that I really don’t want my kids to put in their mouth like : propylene glycol and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates and fluoride

Lailati loves to suck on the brush

Because my kids love to swalow the toothpaste, I especially don’t like the fluoride ingredient.  Fluoride has been known to cause fluorosis (staining of the teeth) and infertility.

Bellingham fluorosis 3

Bellingham fluorosis 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Milla had to have minty fresh breath so my search began for a vegan toothpasty tasting toothpaste that cleaned our teeth.  That is when I found Jason brand.

Products in Europe not tested on animals carry...

Products in Europe not tested on animals carry this symbol. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The box says “not tested on animals” (you can tell by  the symbol of the rabbit) and “no animal bi-products”.  But just to make sure I phone the 1-800 number this morning.  They said, “it does not contain any animal derived products in it’s ingredients”.  To make doubly sure I emailed as well and their response was: “

Dear Ms. Henderson,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding our Jason® Sea Fresh Plus CoQ10 Gel Toothpaste. We strive to maintain the highest quality products and your satisfaction is very important to us.

We never test our products or ingredients on animals. In addition, our products contain no meat or by-products of animal killing. We also exclude all cruelly obtained animal ingredients, even if the animal is not killed. We limit our use of animal products to ingredients that are deposited by and have no future benefit to the animal, such as beeswax.


Consumer Relations Representative

I AM LOVING IT (for 5 years now)!

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6 thoughts on “Toothpaste – JASON TOOTHPASTE – Another Vegan Product that I Love

  1. Kinenchen

    Agree! I’ve been trying out vegan toothpastes, deodorants and sunscreen to review recently and JASON makes AWESOME toothpaste. It is definitely my favorite so far. Fluoride is a nasty mineral and rubbing it on my teeth twice a day is plenty for me… our municipal tap water is fluoridated using hexaflourosilicic acid and I won’t drink it or put it in my fish’s bowl… he went belly up when I used tap instead of distilled water. I won’t make that mistake twice.

    • Sorry to hear about your fish that is just so wrong. Do you feel like Big Brother killed your fish friend? The thing about Jason is really that the taste is just like popular fluoride toothpastes and unlike the natural clay it feels like you really get the scum off your teeth. Fluoride is so strange and after I learned about the teeth staining I noticed so many people with fluoride teeth. I feel just sick that so many people are fooled into thinking that fluoride will keep you healthy. I had a long debate that was never resolved with a friend of my Mom’s who is a hygenist. She believes that fluoride is the only thing that keeps children’s teeth from decay and I disagreed because it has more to do with diet…both prenatal and lifelong…filled with fresh crunchy foods, or at least that is what my dentist told me when he checked my children’s teeth. Fluoride go away! I would love to hear about your deodorant discoveries! I have been on the search for a good deodorant for years! Oh and have you tried of seseame oil as sunscreen? Much love and God Bless

      • Kinenchen

        I put him back in a glass of distilled water and he’s fine… quick thinking saved his fins.

        Fluoride *can* help strengthen tooth enamel but you’re right, diet is more important: more fresh fruit and veg and less soda and candy.

      • you are a hero!

  2. Kinenchen

    He’s a good fish. I dig him. 🙂

    I haven’t tried sesame oil as sunscreen. My biochemist side wants to know how that works… must do some research. Does that do it for you? I really like Juice Organics. Goodness forbid that the stuff you use to prevent cancer causes it instead, right? I’ll let you know what works out with the deodorants too… I definitely have favorites.

    I’m glad there are parents out there paying attention to what their kids put in their bodies. Mine never knew I ate toothpaste… or preferred tap water. Do they fluoridate the water in your city?

    • Yes our parents generation were a different breed. My Dad tells stories about how he and his brother would chase each other around with the DDT sprayer (and that is exactly what he called it – a DDT sprayer). I think that there was a time when everything was hard and there wasn’t any time for anything but cooking and cleaning and gardening so the next generation came up with plastic and fluoride went in the water and DDT was a household pest killer. I live around farmers and I can see the wasteland coming from the chemical use…it is no wonder that they put fluoride in the water. I emailed to ask but I already know there is fluoride in the water. I wanted to tell you I use Brita but when I went on line to see if it filtered fluoride of course it doesn’t it just makes the water taste better (takes the smell away). Anytime I am thinking or talking about water I miss living in Skagway Alaska. The drinking water comes from the falls and it is filtered by mountain rocks. It tastes unlike any water you can imagine. Like drinking from a glacier…without the plastic bottle….just out of the tap… like the good ole days.
      Seseame oil is something my sister suggested and she said it has natural SPF however when the seseame oil is heated by the sun it does leave you craving THAI food and I hate to admit I don’t use sunscreen. But my Mom already knows this so I guess who do I need to hide it from? I think that I need the vitamin the sun gives me it is the same reason that I don’t wear sunglasses because I think my eyes need the sun’s vitamin.

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