on the go…mango smoothie

The sunshine of my life beckons…

 “Take us on a bike ride Mama!”

Peace and Love and Harmony!

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8 thoughts on “TO GO BABYFOOD!

  1. Lindsay Shugerman

    Looks so yummy! I carried a hand-crank food mill (little thing, fit in the diaper bag) everywhere and for the most part, the kids ate what we ate! That’s why my son’s first “people food” (not basic fruit/cereal/veg) was an Ethiopian stew at a restaurant in Denver. It was mildly seasoned, and we decided it was time for real food! He LOVED it!

  2. Wonderful! Pretty and nutritious 🙂

  3. At what age can they start eating tropical fruits? I didn’t feed Yumi mango this summer, maybe she would have loved it! Her favorite baby food was vegan muffin, and still loves muffins!

    • you know I don’t really know when babies start eating mango. I haven’t noticed rashes or crabiness or gas like an orange or strawberries or pineapple; or difficulty with bowels like banana. My issues with mango are that it is sometimes sour which I think must taste strange to a breastfed babie who is only familiar with sweet and it has a choking hazard unlike papaya which is my favorite! Papaya is so soft and watery and easy on the stomach. It makes the best smoothie! It also sweetens sour fruit…now a days I am blending oatmeal and flax and papaya and mango and she can’t get enough! Much love to Yumi!

  4. I love your blog and have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award…
    Just follow this link

  5. LindsayODonnell

    Ha Just saw someone else nominated you but I also nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award!

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