Vegan Rasta Caps

Vegan Rasta Cap - lion of judah style

I am an at home mom of 4 and I am always searching for ways to make money.  Honestly that is why I started a blog.  However, the blog has become more like a journal than a business.  So I decided to start selling caps instead.  These comfy caps are crocheted heaven.  They are made by my friend Rasta who handmakes these caps on the streets of Stonetown on the Island of Zanzibar.  Rasta is Cush.  He eats no flesh, no salt, no prepared foods or processed foods.  Rasta lives an Ital lifestyle.  Fresh fruit and vegetables.  Coconut juice everyday.  Cashews fresh.  He earns his living by the sweat of his brow.  His talent is God given what we might call his destiny.    He does okay selling to the tourists in Z’bar but he has so many people that depend on him that he needs to do better.  I want to see him succeed.  I also need to succeed.  So we started this business together.

Fixin' Moses a hat

The caps are amazing.  They fit a kid from 2 years old to 15 years old.  The cap even fits my head comfortably.
By vegan I meant polyester so it washes great!  It is breathable and lovely.

My kids are always getting complimented on their caps.  So much so, Moses has started trying to sell them!  He is a great salesman and I think his strategy might work.  I am so proud!

I am using social media to do a poll.

It's a beauty!

How much would YOU pay for a fair trade, handmade vegan (haha) cap?


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12 thoughts on “Vegan Rasta Caps

  1. Well, how much I would pay and how much someone in Amsterdam or NYC, or Vancouver, or Barcelona, or Cadiz or LA or…anywhere may be very different. Try $20 Canadian and see what happens. ~It’s a lot = but things are expensive in Canada so it’s also cheap. Make a Facebook page – that’s where you’ll find your buyers. Good luck – you have a good product and a good selling line – though don’t push the vegan thing, just say it’s polyester and no animal testing and made by Rasta and use that pic and you’ll sell them.

    • Heheh the vegan thing was me being a little sarcastic but it is hard to give a blog a voice…HOWEVER when I was thinking that I must write you I thought about the caps and thought they really are vegan in the way that the Rasta who made them doesn’t touch dead flesh. He is truly Cush…he eats only fresh, fresh, fresh! He is a vegan’s inspiration. But really it was a joke.

    • Thanks for your advice! It sounds like you know what you are talking about!

  2. But if you wanna sell to people like yourself, what price would YOU pay and what price can you AFFORD? and what is the actual COST to make one? And how long does it take your friend to make them? and how much does he need per hour to live and support his family?

  3. Do the math. and how much to pay you?

  4. H.I.M. could turn off the feminists. Cush Caps is pretty cool 🙂

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